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Hygienic transportation

The hygienic transportation of products is an important and difficult thing to manage. HYTT has put a lot of knowledge and energy in making an extremely hygienic transportation system. Due to the knowledge and passion of our employees, HYTT has committed itself in making a system that is as hygienic as possible.

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A HYTT System at Eisberg, Austria

A HYTT system at Eisberg, Austria At the end of March 2019, HYTT had the honour to be at opening ceremony of Eisberg for the world’s most modern processing plant for fresh convenience products, in Marchtrenk, Austria. At this...

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Animal by-products categories

What are animal by-products?Animal by-products, also know as ABPs, are materials of animal origin that people do not consume. ABPs include among others:Animal feed - e.g. based on fishmeal and processed animal proteinOrganic...

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CE Certification

CE Certification of Hygienic Transport Systems   Providing a CE certification on supplied equipment must be done in accordance with the law. Around our systems automatic movements of equipment will occur, this is PLC...

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HYTT is specialized in collection and conveying of different types of materials, ranging from by-products to final (edible) products. The high-end vacuum solutions are suitable for food production lines and professional...

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CIP cleaning procedures

CIP cleaning of transport pipes is very important, even when waste is transported. Waste tend to build up along the inside of pipes. Rinsing with water is a temporary solution. Pigs are sometimes used to clean these pipes....

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