Customer Experiences

Carnicas Cinco Villas

“For us, the big advantage of integrating the HYTT-system is the avoidance of the use of forklifts in the factory. This prevents damage to floors, walls and machines and furthermore, it improves the safety of the employees. The hygiene has been advanced as well: both the slaughter line and the floors and platforms are more clean since the installation of the system. In addition, the maintenance costs have been very low.”

Luis Clemente

Director, Carnicas Cinco Villas

Gessler GmbH

“In our factory, the HYTT-system is in use from 9 or 11 in the morning until 8 in the evening and works reliable and without failures. Within the three years of using the system, there only have been three constipations which whe have been able to solve ourselves. Due to the permanent removal of all fruit and vegetable waste, the system accommodates a very clean and hygienic working environment. We can reccomend to obtain the machine. HYTT offers a system of great quality and provides good service.”

Gerhard Gessler

Gessler GmbH

Mirontell fein & frisch

“We opted for a HYTT-system because our old situation was not efficient enough. We worked with conveyor belts on which crates with waste were being transported. These crates had to be emptied in a cointainer with a forklift truck. Now, the waste is immediately sucked away to the container which creates huge time savings. Furthermore, the removal of the conveyor belts have created more space in the factory. We are therefore very contented with the system: there is no more waste on the floor, more space available and the efficiency has increased.”

Peter Sperlich

Mirontell fein & frisch

Bell & Evans

“We are happy that HYTT can contribute to Bell & Evans initiatives to reduce water usage, improve overall hygiene and create a safer working environment.”

Scott Sechler

Owner, Bell & Evans

Highlighted Projects

Van der Zijpen

  • Nr. of suction points: 3
  • Pipelength: >250m

Mirontell fein & frisch

  • Nr. of suction points: 4
  • Pipelength: 100m


  • Nr. of suction points:12
  • Pipelength: 210m


  • Nr. of suction points:14
  • Pipelength: 150m

Carnicas Cinco Villas

  • Nr. of suction points:17
  • Pipelength: >250m
Logo Bell & Evans

Bell & Evans

  • Nr. of suction points: 30
  • Pipelength: 1000m
frivall logo


  • Nr. of suction points: 6
  • Pipelength: 100m
frais eminces logo

Frais Émincés

  • Nr. of suction points: 6
  • Pipelength: 80m

Oxford Frozen Foods

  • Nr. of suction points: 1
  • Pipelength: 70m


  • Nr. of suction points: 9
  • Pipelength: 200m

Peoria Packing

  • Nr. of suction points: 8
  • Pipelength: 147m


  • Nr. of suction points: 12
  • Pipelength: 190m +80m
Logo Bell & Evans


  • Nr. of suction points: 5
  • Pipelength: 110m


  • Nr. of suction points: 4
  • Pipelength: 100m

Related Projects

Our employees have been involved in the realization of, among others, the following projects:

Cattle Processing Industry

  • SCOTBEEF – Bridge of Allan, Scotland
  • EKRO – Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
  • KERMENÉ – Collinée, France
  • FRIMANCHA – Valdepenas, Spain
  • ADENA MEATS – Fort McCoy, USA
  • OSVACA – Sabadell, Spain
  • AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY CHOICE – Cannon Hill, Australia

Poultry Processing Industry

  • ALMARAI – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • BACHOCO – Mexico
  • BELL & EVANS – Fredericksburg, USA
  • MOY PARK – United Kingdom
  • INGHAM’S – Australia
  • PLUKON – Mouscron, Belgium
  • WIPASZ – Poland

Fish & Seafood Processing Industry

  • CALADERO – Zaragoza, Spain
  • OCEANUS – Ermidas Do Sado, Portugal
  • CALADERO – Cádiz, Spain
  • KLAAS PUL – Casablanca, Morocco

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