CIP cleaning of transport pipes is very important, even when waste is transported. Waste tend to build up along the inside of pipes. Rinsing with water is a temporary solution. Pigs are sometimes used to clean these pipes. However, the air speed is so high that there is no guarantee that these pigs will do their job correctly. Leaving the pipes in a very unclear situation: Are they clean or not.

CIP cleaning as used in the food industry (Beverage, Dairy, Meat) should be cleaned keeping the Sinner Circle in mind. Important factors are temperature of the water, the kind of chemistry used, the time of cleaning and the speed of the water (mechanics)

If these criterium are not followed, pipes will not become as clean as they should be. Nowadays so-called CIP systems are sold which are not even meeting two of those criteria. We believe when you transport edible products, you have to be sure that the pipes are as clean as the customer expects them to be.


Cleaning sequences


The following steps are required:


  • Prewashsinner's circle
  • Leach phase
  • Rinsing
  • Acid phase
  • Final rinse
  • Disinfection


Multiple times we have been contacted with questions about proper cleaning solutions. We are currently developing our CIP solution for new builds, but also for existing pipe transportation systems. We have recently tested our prototype and during the second test, we met 4 of the criteria. If the customer agrees with the result, we will manufacture a full-scale cleaning system.


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