Since February 1, Jorie Aerts has been strengthening the HYTT team as Sales Manager, also holding the same role for two other companies within the DGS group: DGS & RF Food Systems. As Sales Manager for all three companies, he aims to optimize customer solutions and introduce innovative techniques within his network. His family ties with HYTT and RF Food Systems add a personal touch to his role. Jorie is no stranger to the food industry, and we are pleased to introduce him to you.

What has your career looked like so far?

After my education, I worked as an indoor car salesman five days a week. After a while, I grew tired of waiting for customers in the showroom and wanted to actively seek them out. That’s why I transitioned to a field sales position at Sismatec in Almelo, and later, I worked for over seven years in sales at GEA Group. It wasn’t entirely coincidental that I ended up in the food industry; my brother and father had been working in this sector for many years.

How did you end up at HYTT?

In fact, through my father. He is a co-owner of HYTT and RF Food Systems, along with Dennis Grolleman and Eric Oving. Since my father will turn 65 next year, he was looking for someone who could potentially take over his responsibilities in the future. Given my extensive experience in the food industry, the connection with HYTT was quickly established.

What will your role look like in the three companies?

I will divide my time and function as Sales Manager for all three companies. I will actively search for new customers and introduce the solutions of HYTT, DGS, and RF Food Systems to my network. I will particularly focus on improving HYTT’s external commercial focus. Since HYTT is also active in the slaughter industry, this can be well combined with DGS’s activities.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hope that by then, HYTT and RF Food Systems will have gained more recognition, and several projects will be underway. There are certainly opportunities for collaborations with DGS, and if successful, the team in Borne will have significantly grown. Personally, I aim to gradually take over my father’s responsibilities, but that doesn’t change the situation; the collaboration remains unchanged.

What’s still on your bucket list?

I would like to take multiple trips with my family before the children leave the nest. For example, from the East to the West of the United States. In any case, a journey where I can impart something to them, and they will still have beautiful memories of in 20 years.

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Jorie Aerts