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HYTT Hygienic transport systems is specialized in collection and conveying of different types of materials, ranging from by-products to final (edible) products. The high-end vacuum solutions are suitable for food production lines and professional kitchens. The pipe-systems are scalable to match the customer needs. They provide an increase in hygiene, a high-performance, a significant reduce of cross contamination risk and improved safety while addressing the challenges of sustainable construction, resource efficiency and durability.

HYTT Transport systems can be implemented in new or existing plants in slaughterhouses for pig, cattle, poultry, fruit & vegetable and fish processing plants, professional kitchens and other industries.


HYTT, a global player with a sense of togetherness.

What makes HYTT HYTT? It is our sense of community. Our ability to make a good contribution to the completion of a project. Our vision is to do only the best together with the will to think and act cooperatively. Everything is in the interests of our customers, for their goals and their success. Thanks to our exceptional employees.

HYTT is an international operating company located in the province of Overijssel in Borne. Our founders have a set good example for us: a combination of various disciplines will always turn a dream into reality. We are a company that stays true to their principles.


Togetherness and cooperation.

As a national and international leading manufacturer of internal pipe transport systems, based on vacuum systems and cleaning systems, we see ourselves as a partner for our customers, most of whom have been with us for many years. Whether it is our know-how, our products, our solutions, our comprehensive consulting services or our support – everything serves only one purpose. The customer has an idea and we make it happen.


Our employees.

Our employees play a large part in the success of HYTT. Their long term experience in the food industry, their technical competence and motivation are the foundation for the implementation of the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, dedication and partnership. Individual skills contribute to our joint success as a team for the further growth of HYTT. Curious about our employees? Take a look to see who can help you.



HYTT is one of the leading companies in internal pipe transport systems for by- and edible products in the food processing industry. We did not only work hard for this success, our success is also the result of high dependability and honesty. Always working hard for our customers and our employees. And we are proud of that.

Our Mission.

HYTT is a global player in the food industry for a safe, healthy and comfortable design of labour spaces. Our products and systems for the food industries are innovative, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable.

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Our Vision.

HYTT sets the benchmark:

  • In hygienic transport systems.
  • In vacuum based products and technologies.
  • In cleaning systems for transport pipes.
  • In energy efficient systems.
  • In custom made solutions, with suitable ROI.

HYTT Hygienic Transport systems for the food industry

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