HYTT Fish & Seafood solutions

HYTT vacuum system for Fish & Seafood Solutions.
HYTT is specialized in the collection and conveying of Fish & Seafood waste. Thanks to the HYTT vacuum system, internal manual transport of waste is eliminated.

Why use a HYTT system?

Hygienic transport system

Because of our specially designed closed piping system, the chance of cross contamination is significantly reduced.

Reduction of needed labour

The system ensures that internal manual transport of waste in the production area is eliminated. Thus reduction of the labour costs.

Reduce costs

The automated system replaces waste to be moved in containers. This means no forklift trucks, no containers, no container washing. Therefore it reduces internal transport costs.

About HYTT

HYTT realised projects for a lot of different companies at several locations. HYTT is specialized in this market segment. Below you will find more about our projects and HYTT.

HYTT is specialized in the collection and conveying of different types of material. Curious about HYTT?

HYTT realised projects for a lot of different companies. Find out more about the companies that opted for HYTT.

Over the years, HYTT has gathered a lot of knowledge. In our HYTT knowledge Centre we share our knowledge!

How does a HYTT Hygienic transport system work?

A HYTT hygienic transport system is designed for the collection and conveying of various materials. These are materials ranging from by-products to final products. HYTT uses a closed piping system which sucks waste or products away from the production area to a central point elsewhere in the plant. By using a closed piping system, there is a significant reduce in cross contamination risk. Next to this great benefit, the HYTT system also improves the overall hygiene, the safety and also reduces the needed labour.

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